Deko, I think this face DOES exist in the game! I can’t check my 3DS right now, but didn’t he do that face in his support with Tharja? In their C-support Tharja curses him to fall asleep. I THINK they then used this sprite.

that support was actually one of the first that i checked b/c i remembered that sleeping part but

dude can’t even go to sleep without being smug as all hell about it VIRION!!!

it’s possible it’s in a cutscene but i don’t have the energy to start a new file and play until chapter 12, even speedrunning it lmao. it’s all worked out in the end.

thank you though!!

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If it's not rude to ask, which are the three supports did Virion blush in? I can only remember that Libra's one of them.

It’s not rude at all, no worries!

I checked literally all of his S rank supports (where like 90% of the blushing sprites are) and Robin’s is the only one where he blushes. He also does it quite often in his support w/ Libra, and technically he does it in his daughter support w/ Severa (but almost all the dads do so at a particular line). 

It’s kind of frustrating but I think I can photoshop the blush onto most of his expressions. We’ll see!

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so i still can’t find that one virion face and i think it might not actually exist in the game but then i realized it didn’t matter because upon close examination i discovered it’s really easy to photoshop

nice try, game developers

but you can’t defeat me that easily

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remember that time Maribelle made a FF13 joke

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a continuation of this

Chrom’s recruitment conversation with Brady as his son is amazing.

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Fe:a text post edit inspired by similar edits! yeehaw

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Tiki-wiki’s turn. Full set here. Thanks again to iamovertired for collecting screencaps for me! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Tiki’s not very expressive to be honest (it took me a while to differentiate between her normal and “frowning” expressions lmao), and she never does the sweatdrop+blush combo so no sprite variations with those.

(You can vote for the next character you’d like me to do here! If you don’t see a certain character it’s because I already made their sprites.) 

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Lissa! Full collection right here (you’ll want to check them out, there are a lot.)

Lissa has the largest amount of unique expressions in the game at ten (characters usually have 5). I was also able to make edits of sprites that actually don’t exist at all (mostly blushing versions of some faces that only appear a couple times in the game), bringing the grand total of Lissa faces to 41! For reference, the next highest is Olivia at 28.

I also made one party hat version of her sprite; it should be easy to edit onto the other sprites if anyone wants to do so themselves.

(You can vote for the next character you’d like me to do here! If you don’t see a certain character it’s because I already made their sprites.)

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» Which FE:A character's sprite would you like me to work on next?

For those who don’t know, I’m doing a project where I make transparent “sprites” of the characters from Fire Emblem Awakening. Here’s what I have so far.

Right now, I’m working mostly on the Robins’ sprites (all of their variations) but I like to work on other characters in between to mix up the monotony. 

Which is where you come in!! If you’d like me to make sprites of certain characters, I made a poll where you can vote for them! I don’t have a preference for the order I do these so I figured I’ll take into consideration other people’s opinions.

Thanks for reading! (and voting! if you did so)

PS: I’ll leave the answer box thing on as well so anyone can leave questions or comments without having to follow me/reblog/etc.

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