I translated the bonus story from volume 12 of Haikyuu because it’s really cute.

Full size pages here.

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asahi looked really cute with this hairstyle

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I'm going to marry my avatar to one of the "extra" characters (Anna, Basilio, Priam, etc) in my next play through cos they're always so lonely. What are your thoughts shipping wise?

My favorite pairing for female Robin is actually Priam/Robin! I think they’re just really cute, I have a soft spot for big guys getting flustered and gooey over the person they love, haha. It also helps that in their supports, Priam doesn’t baby Robin when teaching her THE WAY OF THE SWORD and Robin, while still a bit cheeky and playful, is still respectful of Priam and his knowledge/experience. Priam is also a huge dork and no wonder their son is also the dorkiest.

For male Robin, I married him to Flavia once but I’ll fully admit it’s because she’s cool as hell and I just wanted to marry Flavia myself lmao.

(and their supports were alright)

I don’t have nearly as strong opinions about dude Robin and his unique marriage choices, but I like Tiki’s S support and Say’ri was okay too. Anna’s pretty funny but you have to accept that even at S rank, Anna still loves money more than Robin.

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How do you feel about Nah's supports? Compare Inigo/Nah and Brady/Nah to Owain/Nah and m!Morgaon/Nah, for example. I feel like they're written by different people since her personality is kinda all over the place.

I totally agree about the inconsistency of Nah’s character.

I read her intended personality as a kid who acts way too mature for her age, but despite her efforts still sometimes comes off childish just due to lack of life experience/still having a kid’s mentality.  But it always seems like it goes one extreme or the other: either she acts perfectly well-adjusted and mature (Morgan, Owain supports) or absolutely out of control (e.g. Inigo, Gerome supports). I think her Yarne support probably achieved the best balance in Nah’s mature but childish personality, but it was still pretty heavily skewed toward the mature side. And because of her personality being all over the place like that, even now I can’t really get a good grasp on her character or what I think of her lmao.

Also, I think Nah’s bad supports come off even worse because they also involve marriage. Like, even her worst one with Inigo, if we could only see the C-A supports it probably wouldn’t be nearly as notorious since most could probably just write it off as slapstick humor or something and not dooming Inigo into a married life of terror.

But yeah, I basically just like m!Morgan/Nah and while Owain’s and Yarne’s supports are alright, they’re still not that great to me. And the rest are just……….


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What is your favorite pairing/pairings for Gerome? And what are your thoughts on Olivia/Chrom?

Lucina/Gerome is my favorite pairing, for both those characters. I heard a lot of criticism that their support is boring and I guess I get that, but at the same time I actually rather like how low-key it is? There aren’t really any character gimmicks or contrived situations, it’s just two people who are at ease with each other and have each other’s backs. It was refreshing to read. I also like Laurent/Gerome for similar reasons, and how Laurent encouraged Gerome to interact more with other people in the camp in a way that wasn’t overly obtrusive or insensitive.

they’re like the two people Gerome is actually civil with from the start too, maybe that has something to do with it lmao

I don’t have super strong feelings about Chrom/Olivia, but I like them well enough. They’re my go-to pairing when Maribelle isn’t available and I actually care about *deep sigh* Galeforce. I think the way they were awkward nerds around each other in their supports was pretty cute, and PRINCE INIGO *jazz hands*. Seriously though, I think Chrom/Olivia+Lucina+Inigo make a really cute family and that’s one of the main reasons I enjoy this pairing.

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On the subject of FEA parents, I was wondering about which kid you think looks best with Chrom's hair (personally I think Inigo, Kjelle and Morgan do, Cynthia and Brady not so much) and which supports with them you like best.

I kind of mentioned this previously, but my favorite kid with Chrom’s hair is Inigo, with Kjelle close behind.

To be honest, I don’t especially like the bright blue hair on Morgan (either of them) haha. I don’t think it goes w/ their color scheme at all, personally. The most tragic Chrom hair kid is definitely Brady though, which is a deep shame considering I really dig Chrom/Maribelle family. I WILL NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT THIS.

(And I think the second half of your question is asking which supports I like most with my favorite Chrom-haired kids? I’m sorry if I misinterpreted haha)

My favorite support for Inigo is probably Olivia’s, mostly because it downplays the trait I find most irritating about Inigo and gives a reasoning for it that’s sympathetic and actually a little charming (and, you know, really sweet mom and son bonding times).

For romantic supports, the ones with Morgan and Cynthia are kind of cute and I like aspects of Severa’s support. All of these sort of come with caveats though because Inigo acts like a stupid teenager a lot.  :V

And for Kjelle, I enjoy her support with female Robin, especially when it went into why exactly Kjelle treasured armor so much.

For romantic supports, I’ll be honest, I’m pretty meh on all of them lmao. I kind of like the resolution in her support w/ Yarne but at the same time I wish she didn’t spend like 90% of it berating the guy. At least the payoff was kind of satisfying? And her support with dude Robin wasn’t bad.

idk I feel like the writers kind of fricked up a lot with Kjelle’s supports and it wasn’t until the DLC maps that they got a good handle on her character because her DLC convos (scramble maps, Future Past) are generally really good, especially the ones in the Hot Springs Scramble. They kept her “I’m tough as hell and I know it" personality without making her completely condescending and unsympathetic to her conversation partner.

or maybe Kjelle just talks better with ladies. SHRUGS.

actually, while i’m on this train of thought, i think the writers just improved in general by the time they needed to write up scripts for the DLC because honestly, Inigo’s convos are also way better too

or maybe they’re just better at writing same-sex supports

(why didn’t they just answer their true calling and make more same-sex supports in the game WHY)

sorry i kind of got off topic at the end there THANKS FOR THE QUESTION!

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ok i noticed i had an unexpectedly large amount of drafts and when i went to investigate i discovered i had some asks i started answering and

never really finished

SO i went ahead and finished answering them and queued them up. also responded to some more recent asks.


(if you’re one of the people whose super old ask gets answered I’M REALLY SORRY orz i wouldn’t be surprised if you totally forgot you even sent those lmao)

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As promised, here are the sprites for the default Robins. Full gallery for them here.

I’m still working on a way for everyone to make sprites of their own special snowflake Avatar although it’ll take a while because i’m bad

(the blushing variations of the “smug” face don’t exist in the game, I just shooped those)

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At last, here is the Archest of Archers! Full set over here.

A lot of Virion’s faces here are edited because the only times he blushes are in his supports with female Robin (in the S rank) and Libra. And there was a face that appears in the artbook but not in the game as far as I could see so I just shooped that one too. :V

(A couple more characters coming up soon.)

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