Hello again! I'm the anon who asked about 100% support log a few weeks (months?) ago. I had to restart because I messed up.... a lot.... Anyways I'm playing as a male mu this time and I was wondering who I should marry him off too (based upon nice supports and attractive children and if you want you could give me a hair color recommendation.) Thanks a bunch!!!

Aw man, I hope you were able to complete your support log despite some bumps in the road! It really is super time consuming, haha.

My marriage recommendation for male Robin will always be Sumia. They’re adorable, Sumia as Morgan’s mom is adorable, Cynthia can be a Hero, and also they will just curbstomp everything in their way. Morgan looks really cute with Sumia’s hair and my hair recommendation is always PINK HAIR PINK HAIR PINK HA—

look at these beautiful children

(and some other hair recs for Cynthia if you aren’t a crazy person about pink hair like me lmao)

Robin’s supports with Cordelia are also quite nice (no Chrom-bombs and it actually talks about Cordelia dealing with the loss of her fellow Pegasus Knights) and I’m pretty fond of Robin/Maribelle and Robin/Tiki as well. If you’re not averse to marrying second gen, Robin/Cynthia is worth it just for how cute Cynthia is as Morgan’s momma (and, you know, sweet supports too).

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employer: why should we hire you?

me: i got first place on Rainbow Road

employer: holy shit

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Full account of how each Monado Arts stance affects your stats in SSB

Sakurai did make a post on Miiverse indicating what each stance does, but it turns out he wasn’t completely thorough! There’s not much documentation in the game about this other than random tips, so I went into training mode to test out all these stats and how they change.

The scale is fudged a little bit for readability (1 represents the worst possible result for each stat, 3 is the default, and 5 is the best possible) but if people are really seriously actually interested in the exact numbers from the testing I did, I can provide those too.

[Note: the run speed stat also improves your horizontal movement in the air]

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So, are you feeling it after that post?

you might even say i’m really feelin’ it

but you know, something feels like it’s missing…….

……..oh, dear, would you just look at the time!

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smash bros character impressions so far, presented as a tier list:

"ability to scream ‘I WHIFFED CHROM!!!!!’" tier: robin

"burst into delighted laughter just from looking at the character" tier: duck hunt dog, bowser jr/koopa kids

"my dear baby son" tier: shulk

"i’m just using them to fulfill my impossible smash bros dreams" tier: mii fighters

"the announcer is pronouncing her name wrong but it’s better than the japanese version’s pronunciation so he’s off the hook" tier: lucina

"i really want to play them but i can’t because i’m bad at smash" tier: rosalina, palutena, also all the other characters in the game

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