How do you feel about Morgan being recruited as their other parent's base class? One playthrough, I married Henry, so when I got my poor baby Morgan he was a dark mage and had no shirt! I felt so bad for my poor Morgan I level grinded until I could reclass him to tactician.

What do you mean!!!!

Look at this beautiful boy!


(It would be nice if the Morgans just always started out as a Tactician if only so they actually match with their portraits for at least a little while…but in general I don’t really mind their starting classes being dependent on their non-Avatar parent, haha.

Though it’s probably a little bewildering to wake up in the middle of weird-ass ruins with no memories and wearing tights that cover your entire body and not much else.)

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And here’s Nah. Full set right on over here!

I remember getting a request for Nah a while back, and since I was doing non-Avatar sprites anyway I figured why not. =u=)b

Nah doesn’t ever sweatdrop and blush at the same time (not even in her Harvest/Hot Spring Scramble convos) so no sprite variations with those.

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i’m……..i’m still doing these…….!!

I put this project on hold for a couple months so I worked on some other characters to get back into the swing of things before focusing on the Avatar again. First is Lucina, and here’s the full set right here.

I made a Marth!Lucina sprite too, although there’s only just that one variation. I had to do some futzing around with colors to get the whole portrait so I hope it looks alright. 

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you really hate gingers ;w;

no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i honestly do love gaius’s hair color!!!!!!!!!!!


not on most of the kids!!!!!!

(it’s all in good fun, i like to act in a hyperbolic manner about silly things like video game hair colors haha.)


When I first started FE:A, the only thing I knew was about it was that children inherited hair colors from dads. So of course, my first thought was marrying whoever had the most ridiculous hair color. That turned out to be Gaius. I actually didn't recruit Morgan until I got to the end of the game, right before the final chapter. When I finally saw Morgan, I actually contemplated restarting my whole game.

i remember when i was support grinding in my second playthrough, i would always peek into the kids’ paralogues to see how they looked with the various hair colors

when i went into gaius!morgan’s paralogue, i took one look at the orange beast i created and my mind instantly screamed “ABORT ABORT ABORT ABORT”

basically what i’m trying to say is

i feel your pain, anon

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seeing Sumia being viciously bashed anywhere


although let’s be real here, Sumia can handle herself just fine


Definitely. Sumia’s not perfect and stuff, but the sheer HATE she gets and not just from the typical rabidshippers/statwhores/”feminist fans” is all… OUCH.

If they dislike her so much, why don’t they just… bench her and not use her? That should be good enough, huh.

Yeah, I don’t have a problem with anyone disliking Sumia at all, people have different preferences and opinions. 

It’s when they’re being outright hostile in expressing their hatred for Sumia (“I HATE HER I WANT HER TO DIE” etc) that I just

(Although I suppose that applies to any fictional character, haha)

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Is Virion a runner up for the unholy trinity? I mean, I love his hair colour on Kjelle and Morgan, buuuut on the other kids...? I dunno, to me it looks strange. But I know that many people pair him with Cordelia to have Miku Hatsune in their parties.

To be honest, I don’t have that big of a problem with Virion’s hair color for most of the kids. It’s blue and anime enough that it’s not boring like Stahl’s hair color while still being subdued and not eye-searingly bright like Gaius’s and Chrom’s. The worst kids with Virion’s hair color are probably Owain and Brady, but even then I don’t make high-pitched screeches when I see them like I do with, say, Gaius’s hair. Or Robin Hair 14. 

And if people really want Miku!Severa, GO HAIR 13 OR GO HOME

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The only thing I dislike about Stahl is probably the weird not-green not-black hair he passes onto kids. Do you have any hairpinions which kid looks best with it though?

let me tell you, anon

stahl, along with gaius and chrom, completes the unholy trinity of Awful Hair Genes in the game

it’s just this weird poopy green-brown that doesn’t look great on so many of the kids aaaaaaaa

My personal favorite is probably Noire though, she also has a color scheme that is primarily green so it doesn’t clash so much with the hair.

Runner-up is probably Inigo

and Gerome looks okay with it

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seeing Sumia being viciously bashed anywhere

although let’s be real here, Sumia can handle herself just fine

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