Fire Emblem (Awakening) Voice Meme


If I get 10 ‘voice’s, I will record myself saying the following:

  • Your username(s)
  • Where you are from
  • Name/age/nickname
  • How were you first introduced to the series?
  • Ships? OTPs? NOTPs?
  • Talk about some of your favorite Fire Emblem headcanons.
  • Say these names: Your Avatar’s Name, Chrom, Vaike, Cherche, Phila, Yarne, Panne, Inigo, Plegia, Ylisse, Wyvern, Cordelia, Lucina, Noire, Priam, Regna Ferox. Yen’fay, Owain, Say’ri, gODS [chrom voice]
  • What’s your favorite class/class tree? Why?
  • Who’s your favorite & least favorite character and why?
  • Now what about your least favorite character? Why?
  • Favorite support conversation?
  • Favorite critical hit line?
  • Favorite confession/character’s voice?
  • Say anything else that you’d like to

i did a voice meme for another fandom once and it was definitely one of the worse decisions of my life

so obviously i’m going to do it again!!!

edit: oh yeah, since i don’t think it’s super obvious, apparently you’re supposed to send the word “voice” to my inbox if you want me to do this. i’ll probably do it regardless because i’m dumb and i like to talk about video games

(出典: kurokotetsuya)

it took me like 6 hours to translate 4 pages of Botchan and i’m so upset

soseki is too hardcore for me

thinks about how much easier my life would be if the support log convos just fucking didn’t have that weird reddish filter that messes up all the colors

seriously, it’s literally pointless. why, intsys. why. 

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an addendum to the Yarne post!

the first line the dad says in the B-support, this one:

in general, it is basically the same for all the dads, with a few exceptions!




And the best for last…


henry is a national treasure

(addendum to addendum: in the japanese script, all the dads have variations of “you look like the world is about to end”, so these lines are unique to the english localization)

There is actually some variation on a particular line in Yarne’s B support with his dad! Some more different than the others. 

Variations in Laurent’s C support with his father.

匿名ユーザーからの質問: may i ask who you're married to in the first img?

I’m assuming you mean in the marriage charts?

It’s this guy:

Priam! He’s a Spotpass character (which means Robin will have to be single for like 99% of the main storyline but their support is cute as heck so it’s worth it). 

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katsuragiseneru replied to your photoset “i spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking about and making these…”

I’ve been looking for this template forever. You wouldn’t mind posting it, would you?

You can download the zip file with all the components right here! 

I included the version of the charts I made with the new portraits, but the original ones are still in there of course. I also put in a transparent circle template you can use to make your own portraits easily, if you want to make one with the kids’ appropriate hair colors or something. 

taras-bulbasaur replied to your photoset “i spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking about and making these…”

well you have fantastic taste in cynthia ships i can say that right now cynthia/yarne and cynthia/gerome are both my favorites

I really like Cynthia/Yarne, aaah. It was just refreshing to see someone not be so antagonistic towards Yarne, and Cynthia giving Yarne the inspiration to do little but meaningful positives to the world…it’s just a really sweet support. And I think it’s super cute how they want to be each other’s heroes by the end, haha. 

I should draw fanart of them…..

crimsons-fireemblem reblogged your photoset and added:

You should make this into some sort of interactive web app xD

I WISH. Unfortunately my knowledge of programming is limited to basic Python stuff so I don’t think I could pull it off, at least not without some intense studying and a lot of time. Maybe someday!

i spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking about and making these lmao

i can’t wait until i finish support grinding and finally release myself from the fetters of my inane yet compulsive desire to fill out the support log

(i originally just made custom portraits for the kids but the lack of uniformity drove me crazy so i made portraits for the parents too. what is wrong with me.)